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Cellebrite UFED

Cellebrite UFED

Cellebrite provides cutting-edge mobile forensic tools that extract, decode, analyze and report data from the widest range of mobile phones, GPS devices, tablets, memory cards and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.
Cellebrite's Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) series is available in several options: standalone (UFED Touch), PC-based (UFED 4PC) and turnkey solutions (UFED TK, Toolkit), with either an Ultimate or Logical software solution offering.

Cellebrite UFED Touch/4PC/TK

  • Unmatched extraction support – physical, file system, logical and password extractions from the largest variety of devices running Android, iOS & BlackBerry®
  • Unrivaled access to locked devices by bypassing user lock or revealing the user lock code
  • Powerful and unique analysis tools – timeline, project analytics, malware detection and more
  • Logical and password extractions from devices
  • Extraction of rich data including passwords, apps data, emails, contacts, media file and more
  • SIM card extraction and SIM ID cloning to neutralize the phone from any network activity during analysis, also bypasses PIN-locked SIMs and missing SIM cards

All Cellebrite UFED solution offerings come standard with Cellebrite UFED Permission Management, which enables administrators to create user profiles that define access and extraction rights for individual users.

Cellebrite UFED Add-Ons

  • UFED Chinex
  • UFED Link Analysis
  • UFED Physical Analyzer
  • UFED Phone Detective

Bounga Solusi Informatika provides new unit, trade-in, and license renewal of Cellebrite UFED series in Indonesia.

Cellebrite UFED