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FRED - The Complete Forensic Hardware Solution


FRED is Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device from Digital Intelligence.
The FRED family of forensic workstations are highly integrated, flexible and modular forensic platforms and now include DI's exclusive UltraBay 4d Write Protected Imaging Bay.
Digital Intelligence is dedicated to providing the highest quality computer forensic product and services.

We recognize that challenge that current and future technologies impose on law enforcement agencies, intelligence organizations, the legal community and corporate entities and strive to not only meet, but also anticipate, those needs.
It is our goal to provide exceptional and innovative products to help simplify the challenges faced by forensic investigators and corporate security professionals.

FRED DX (Dual Xeon)
FRED DX (Dual Xeon) is FRED SR's Dual Xeon power in a standard FRED chassis.
If you require the power that FRED SR offers in a full-tower footprint, this is your solution.
The FRED family of forensic workstations are highly integrated, flexible and modular forensic platforms and now include Digital Intelligence's exclusive UltraBay 4D Write Protected Imaging Bay and Ventilated Imaging Shelf.

Baseline FRED DX Spesification :

  • 23 34" High, 8 38" wide
  • 25 14" Deep - 80 lbs
  • Dual(2) Intel Xeon ES-2620 v4 CPU, (8 core) 2.1 Ghz, 20MB Cache, 8.0 GT/s Intel QPI
  • 32 GB (2X16GB) PC-17000 DDR4 2133 MHz ECC Memory
  • 1X256GB Solid State SATA III Drive (OS Drive)
  • 1X256GB Solid State SATA III Drive (Temp/Cache/DB Drive)
  • 1X2TB 7200 RPM SATA III Hard Drive (Data Drive Installed in HotSwap Bay 1)
  • Nvidia GTX 750Ti 2GB 128 bit DDRS (PCI Express Video Card with 1 VGA (D-Dub))
  • 1 HDMI and 2 DVI ports - support up 4 displays
  • 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor with Built in Speakers
  • Special Features : Integrated hard drive Forensic Write Blocker (Ultrabay 4d) IDE, SATA, SAS, USB 3.0/2.0, Fire wire, PCIe, LCD Touchscreen Display, Front Panel Write Protect Lock/Unlock feature, Simultaneous Imaging of Two Connected Devices

FREDC is a fully configured, private cloud, for Forensic Storage.
Centralized Storage, centralized administration, centralized security, and centralized backup.
All the things that made REAL file servers great - all in a platform fast enough to make it worthwhile.
FREDC has been designed from the ground up to be fast and reliable for direct forensic imaging and processing to/from the server itself.
While other solutions require secondary copies to network storage.
The FREDC systems have been designed for the direct ingest and processing of data.
No need for closets full of old hard drives or massive amounts of local workstation storage.

FRED-L is Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device - Laptop.
FRED-L is the ultimate solution in mobile forensic imaging convenience and includes our UltraKit - the preferred mobile forensic acquisition solution.
The latest FRED-L can be upgraded to utilize up to 3 internal drives; OS, DATA and an NVMe SSD for your cache / database when using Encase or FTK.

Bounga Solusi Informatika as the authorized reseller of Digital Intelligence products in Indonesia is happy to assist you finding the best digital forensic solutions for your organization.

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