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Tableau Forensic Bridge (Write-blocker)

Today’s forensic professionals face an increasingly complex set of data acquisition process challenges. Acquisition tools must work without failure. As a key component of leading forensic bridge toolkits or as a standalone product, more forensic professionals rely on Tableau Forensic Bridges (a.k.a. “write-blockers”) than on any other brand.

Field And Lab Data Acquisition Ready
Tableau Write Blocker / Forensic Bridge Family

Tableau’s products are at home in both field and lab settings.
Pack your kit with Tableau products and you will be ready for any SCSI, IDE, SATA or SAS acquisition task you encounter.
Ourproducts are easy to use and loaded with standard features, such as Host Protected Area (HPA) and Disk Configuration Overlay (DCO) recognition.

Consistent Look, Feel, and Operation Across Classic Family Products
All Tableau bridges are engineered with a common look, feel, and operation. Consistency across products guarantees familiarity and eliminates errors as forensic investigators move from one acquisition to the next. Tableau products are designed for ease of use, insuring that the focus is on the acquisition process rather than the tools being used.

High Performance, Guaranteed
The T35es eSATA model adds eSATA host connectivity. All models share a common input power supply, eliminating the need for multiple supplies within a forensic kit.
Operational status is easily observed through integrated status LEDs showing: Power, Device Detect, Host Detect, Write Block, and Device Activity.

Performance Matched Imaging Software
Imaging software can have an enormous impact on imaging performance.
Guidance Software recommends the use of EnCase Imager or Tableau IMager (TIM) for optimum imaging speeds.
Both imaging applications use “best in class” multi-threaded technology to deliver unprecedented performance.
Regardless of whether your imaging needs require .e01 (compressed) or raw/DD output formats, EnCase Imager and TIM deliver unmatched performance, features, and ease of use.