Nuix Workstation

Nuix Investigator Workstation. Process, search, and analyze any data with unmatched speed and precision

Nuix Workstation is the world’s leading technology for extracting intelligence from high-volume unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. It provides unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy to processing, searching, indexing, and analyzing the information you need.

The Nuix Advantage
  • Get the big picture, fast. Quickly and comprehensively answer the fundamental questions of any matter and make early case assessments with all the facts at your fingertips.
  • Mitigate risks. Nuix Workstation delivers a consistent, repeatable, and forensically defensible process across each item and data source.
  • Empower your experts. We provide insights like no other technology, revealing and contextualizing the stories hidden in data.
  • Capture everything. Nuix Workstation’s efficient and scalable processing turns more than 1,000 file formats and source types into meaningful information, capturing the content, metadata, and context of each item.
  • Use one tool for multiple use cases. Our customers use Nuix Workstation for litigation, forensic investigations, information governance, government oversight, mergers and divestitures, compliance, data and email migrations, and regulatory enforcement and response.

Core Features

Gain One Window into All the Evidence
Collect all available data into a single location, use advanced investigative techniques to understand the content and context, and then act on the intelligence you’ve extracted.

Scale to the Largest data Volumes
No matter the size of your data set, Nuix lets you start working immediately while processing, saving you time and effort.

Automate Connections
Nuix Workstation automatically identifies and correlates key intelligence items such as company names, sums of money, email addresses, IP addresses, and national identity, phone, and credit card numbers. The Data Finder extension gives you more than 180 additional identifiers and the ability to create your own.

Foster Flexible Workflows
With multiple deployment options, customization scripts, and specialized workflows that maximize productivity, Nuix Workstation is as flexible as your business requires.

Include All Possible Information
Nuix Workstation processes 10 dimensions of data, including human-generated, multimedia, log files, user data, network, cloud, structured, real-time, communication patterns, and mobile.

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Ekstraksi data dari berbagai macam sumber

Ekstraksi data dari berbagai macam sumber

Nuix Workstation

Nuix Workstation