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Cognitech Tri Suite Video Forensic

Cognitech Tri-Suite consists of three main features; VideoActive™, Video Investigator™, and AutoMeasure™.

Within MIDAS IV-X is integrated VideoActive™ which is the only available real time, fully automated, universal multiplex software. Real time video processing is what really matters in a CCTV forensics, and MIDAS IV-X can give just that. With the VideoActive™ software, it is possible for the video forensics practitioners to view, analyze, process, and capture multiplexed video feeds in a matter of seconds without have to deal with rendering time. This will result in the investigation becomes more straightforward and also cost-effective.

Video Investigator™
The Tri-Suite integrated within the MIDAS IV-X also includes Video Investigator™ which is the latest major release of the first forensic video processing software suite with Agile-Video-Active (AVA) user interface with underlying Real-Time parallel algorithm processing. Using MIDAS IV-X, video forensics practitioners can change any parameters and settings for ALL video processing task and plug-ins. A real time preview is made possible by NVidia's CUDA based SLi Multi GPU execution language. Not only in real time, but the image is also in the best quality possible. Optimal debluring size and direction, best noise estimation, best velocity model, best region selection for stabilization, and many other great benefits are integrated in MIDAS IV-X.

Being integrated in the MIDAS IV-X, AutoMeasure™ enables investigators to make accurate predictions on certain measurements, for example the height of a suspect. This particular feature has received recognition and it is used by the National Geospatial Agency, which is the most respected United States government photogrammetry-oriented organization. All the measurements using AutoMeasure™ within the MIDAS IV-X is computerized, resulting in a far better time effectiveness.