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DeepSpar Disk Imager

DeepSpar Disk Imager is the first disk imaging system specifically built to handle damaged drives.

Each head is diagnosed and different algorithms are configured for heads with different levels of degradation. Sectors on good heads are imaged first, because in some cases critical user files may be retrieved after imaging data on good heads only. The drive may be imaged head by head to avoid the extra load of continuous switching between heads while imaging.

DeepSpar Disk Imager uses a lighter touch by disabling background firmware processes and turning off bad sector auto-relocation. Different imaging algorithms are configured for each pass. For example:

  • If the drive stays busy more than a certain period of time, the tool resets and repowers it. If a sector has media corruption, the tool processes it by different read commands.
  • If a certain number of consecutive sectors have a specific type of error, the tool jumps over those sectors to return to that area on later passes.

File system elements, such as boot sectors, file allocation tables, and file attributes such as file names, are processed with the highest priority. Sectors that belong to files the client is looking for are imaged at this time.
No matter what type of user data each sector contains, the tool uses a drive linear imaging sequence, taking into account all other factors, such as head-by-head imaging or sequence defined by the specific media issue.