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Diamond Cut Audio Forensic

Diamond Cut

Audio forensics is technology and tools to determine the authenticity of sound for civil or criminal cases. The results of audio forensics can be used as evidence in various legal cases.

Audio restoration for forensic surveillance work, preserving and transferring old audio recordings, voice authentication and masking can all be accomplished with Diamond Cut Forensics 8 Audio software.

Diamond Cut Forensics 8 is the latest of the Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Software releases. Diamond Cut Forensics 8 introduced the concept of a Direct Spectral Editor tool to provide users with the ability to manually attenuate or interpolate very long-lived noise events on recordings like coughs, whistling, chair movement and other unwanted spurious signals. In addition, the spectral editing tool has other uses in audio restoration including the selective removal of record “swoosh” sounds that are otherwise unable to be removed without significant audio fidelity degradation.

DC8 Features :

  • Auto Voice tool
  • Cell Phone Noise filter
  • Direct Spectral Editing
  • Spectrogram functionality
  • DeClipper Tool
  • Voice ID function
  • Overtone and sub-harmonic synthesizer
  • Support for Flac, Ogg Vorbis and Broadcast Wave audio file formats