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Digital Forensic Training

Bounga Solusi Informatika - as an Authorized Training Partners of Guidance Software, Oxygen Forensics, Daetech Systems UK, dan Decision Group - provides certified standard and customized digital forensic training based on client's requirements. The classes can be conducted on the client's office or our classroom.

Computer Forensic Training

Mobile Forensic Training

Video Forensic Training

  • MIDAS CCTV Forensic (2 days).
  • MIDAS Video Forensic (4 days).

Network Forensic Training

  • Network Packet Forensic Analysis Training (4 days).
  • Lawful Interception Training (3 days).

In addition to digital forensics training, Bounga Solusi Informatika also has a certification program in the field of digital forensics.

Training enquiry
Bounga Solusi Informatika is happy to assist you designing the best digital forensics training for your organization here.