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E-Detective - Network Forensics and Lawful Interception System

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E-Detective: Network Forensics and Lawful Interception System – In Real Time!.

Internet interception, monitoring and forensics system is what E-Detective is all about. It is capable of capturing, decoding and reconstructing various types of internet traffic in real time framework. E-Detective is constructed of a number of management and administrative functions and features. The output is in various types of report with Top-Down view. E-Detective is also equipped with varieties of search functions, including Free Text Search Conditional Search, Similar Search, and Association with Relationship Search.

E-Detective Features:

  • Decode, reassembly and reconstruct internet application, including Email (POP3), IMAP and SMTP), Webmail (Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, etc.), Instant Messaging (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, QQ, Google Talk, IRC, UT Chat Room, Skype), File Transfer (FTP, P2P), Online Games, Telnet, HTTP (Link, Content, Reconstruct, Upload and Download, Video Streaming), VOIP (optional module) etc.
  • Create various types of reports, including Total Throughput Statistical Report, Network Service Report (Daily, Weekly basis), Top Websites etc
  • Search Functions including Free Text Search (search by Key Words with Boolean support), Conditional Search, Similar Search and Association with Relationship Search.
  • Alert and Notification functions.
  • Backup Functions
  • Bookmark Function
  • Online IP List Function
  • Syslog Server
  • Authority Assignment
  • Capture File List Function

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