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FREDC (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Data Center)

FREDC - The Turnkey Forensic Network Solution
The Digital Intelligence FREDC Data Center is a purpose-built, complete forensic server. With over 100 installations world-wide, FREDC is a proven, solution to departmental forensic acquisition, analysis, case management, and evidence storage needs.

Powerful, Purpose-built Forensic File Server
Built for digital forensics work and drive-speed limited direct-to-network imaging, FREDC stands apart from general purpose file servers. The FREDC Server-RM™ is powered by dual Intel® Xeon 8-core processors (16 total cores). 128 GB of DDR4 RAM and an 100 TB internal RAID array module are standard on the Server-RM. When increased parallel processing power is needed, FREDC CPUs can be upgraded to a maximum of 28 cores (per Xeon CPU). FREDC’s 10 GB Ethernet backbone and 10GbE network switch support ultra-fast connections to forensic workstations, forensic imagers, printers, and other network devices. Dual 10 GB NICs balance network bandwidth and data load for great performance. Networked forensic workstations can access files for distributed processing or image directly to centralize storage. Each FREDC Server runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Software optimized for speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Proven Technology Used By Customers the World Over
Each FREDC Data Center is built using a standard set of proven FREDC system modules. In addition to the Server-RM, baseline rack-mount modules include a fully configured FRED-RM™ Forensic Workstation (complete with UltraBay 4d™ and ventilated retractable drive cooler), a RAID-RM™ Server Attached Network Storage Module with sixteen 10 TB 7200 rpm hard-drives in hot-swap removable drive trays, intelligent power distribution, network switches, an Ultrium LTO-8 24-slot robotic tape drive system (for evidence backup and archival), 19” LCD rack-mount display with full keyboard, and an in-rack UPS. Spare rack locations are available for additional FREDC modules (optional) and future expansion.
The FRED-RM rack-mount forensic workstation ships pre-installed with Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit or open SUSE Linux, ready for use with most forensic software applications and imaging tools.

Optional Modules Expand FREDC Capabilities
As your forensic departmental needs grow and change, optional FREDC modules can be added. This will help ensure FREDC remains a vital part of your forensic infrastructure. For example, if your on-line storage needs grow, additional RAID-RM Storage modules can be added. As the need arises, database server modules (FREDC DB Server™), forensic worker clients (FREDC Duo™), virtual machine servers (FREDC VM Server™), forensic workstations (FRED-RM), and GPU password acceleration tools (DI GPU Powerstation™) can be added.

Case Ready in Days
FREDC systems ship fully assembled after having undergone extensive integration testing to ensure minimal problems during installation. A trained Digital Intelligence Systems Engineer performs the on-site installation of each FREDC. System installation, site testing, and customer training are generally completed within a two-day time-frame. Customers are running cases on a FREDC data center within days of its arrival.

Application Software Resource Sharing & Management
A new FREDC feature enables software license dongle sharing. Dongles connected to FREDC’s Server-RM USB 3.0 ports are shared resources for workstations connected to the FREDC 10 GbE network. This FREDC exclusive feature supports a more cost efficient model for departmental software licensing and management.

Designed for Minimal System Admin and Support
Traditional network server support costs can be high. Not so with the FREDC. Each FREDC includes proprietary DI software built to minimize managing a properly running computer network. Workstation installation, system backup, system restoration, drive mapping, single user sign-on, and even bare-metal disaster recovery is made easier by this DI software.

FRED C Is the Turnkey, Local Forensic Cloud
If your organization is sized such that a forensic network with centralized admin, processing, and RAID secure evidence storage makes sense, consider the FREDC Data Center. The FREDC solution is a proven network solution. It’s powerful enough to run your organization today and flexible enough to expand as your needs grow in the future. FREDC is the perfect backbone for forensic network processing.

Rigorously Tested and Optimized for Leading Software Packages
All FRED system configurations are exhaustively tested using leading forensic software packages. This methodology produces systems optimized for exceptional performance when conducting digital forensic examinations.