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Intella® is a powerful process, search and analysis tool that enables customers to easily find critical data. All products feature our unique ‘cluster map’ to visualize relevant relationships and drill down to the most pertinent evidence.

Intella Products Family

Intella® TEAM our premium tool, enables multiple individuals to review evidence independently and simultaneously, with one case administrator. It is ideal for any agency, law firm or investigation team who need to process, search and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI)/evidence by multiple users.

Intella® PRO is for users who need to process, search and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI)/evidence in excess of 250GB. Intella® Pro was designed for corporate investigators, professional service firms and consultants who have a need to review larger amounts of ESI.

Intella® 10, 100 & 250 offer the same features. The only difference that defines each one is the amount of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) you can search and analyze. For example, Intella® 250 allows you to search up to 250GB, Intella® 100 up to 100GB and Intella® 10 up to 10GB. These products are the ideal email investigation and eDiscovery software for single users.

Intella® VIEWER is an optional companion for Intella® Pro, 250 and 100. It performs the same process, search and analysis functions as Intella® Pro, 250 and 100 except for processing and creating a new case. Thus the Viewer enables additional investigators to view an existing case on a different computer. (Limit of 2 Viewers with Intella® 100, 3 Viewers with 250 and 8 for Intella® Pro.