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Magnet IEF

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“Find more evidence. Save time.”

Magnet IEF finds, analyzes, and reports digital evidence recovered from computers, smartphones, and tablets.


Magnet IEF is an automated evidence search and recovery tool that parses and carves hundreds of different types of digital forensic artifacts from allocated and unallocated space.
Magnet IEF will find:
• 290+ types of Internet artifacts from Windows and Mac computers
• 500+ types of Mobile artifacts from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Magnet IEF search results can be analyzed quickly and efficiently using our built-in analysis tools, so you can get to critical evidence fast.
See the whole picture in Magnet IEF’s Report Viewer:
• Artifact Categorization: Search results are categorized by artifact type to allow for easy navigation of evidence
• Keyword Searches, Filters, and Bookmarks: Identify important evidence


Magnet IEF search results can be exported into a number of formats that are easy to understand and share including HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, and tab-delimited formats.
With Magnet IEF’s flexible reporting options, you can:
• Report: Export in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, and tab-delimited formats
• Chat Thread Visualization: Create a representation of a chat thread to add to your report as a visual element