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Midas CCTV Recovery and Analysis


It has been an issue in the field of CCTV forensics that when it comes to reliability, the CCTV source is highly in doubts. This is due to the lack of maintenance and also preservation of the CCTV source. Not to mention the numerous connections and recording formats that in many cases obstructs the CCTV data extracting process. In CCTV forensics, this kind of obstacle can cause delays and lead to fatal consequences.

MIDAS, The Master of CCTV Recovery
The problem of how far the analysis of the CCTV sources can go also creates a huge gap in video forensics. Evidence from CCTV sources often lacks of clarity and thus makes the investigator difficult to identify important leads captured by the CCTV. When MIDAS IV-X emerges, it becomes the answer to any investigator's prayers. The data recovery ability possessed by MIDAS IV-X is the solution to data loss problems that occur frequently in cases that involve CCTV forensics. Recovery process normally takes forever, MIDAS IV-X from Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd eliminates all the waiting and the unnecessary waste of time by accelerating the recovery process so that it will be executed in no time. But time saving is not the only thing that matters in CCTV forensics. The soundness of the recovered file is then put in question. With MIDAS IV-X, the recovered data is made sure to be in a viewable format and the entire recovery procedures are forensically sound. The ability of MIDAS IV-X in recovering CCTV file is not limited by the file's format. This is crucial in CCTV forensics. Digital or analogue CCTV source, both are compatible with MIDAS IV-X.

MIDAS IV-X, The Master of CCTV Analysis
As soon as the CCTV source is recovered and extracted, the next process of CCTV forensics is analyzing it. The purpose of this process is to capture crucial details that might contribute to an investigation. Considering how essential this process is, it becomes necessary for the analysis to be done in the most careful and detailed manner possible. The process and the results of the analysis should also be made sure to be forensically sound. With MIDAS DBX, these qualifications required in CCTV forensics can be achieved. Being designed to perfection, taking into account highly advanced software and cutting edge technology, MIDAS IV-X is packed up with numerous sophisticated analysis features.

MIDAS IV-X, The Master of Practicality
All the cutting edge and useful features integrated in the MIDAS IV-X is packed into a hand-held case. This is a huge breakthrough as investigators and CCTV forensics practitioners can return to the scene to recover and analyze the CCTV source without have to bring along an army of kits, tools, and laptops. Everything they need for the CCTV forensic purposes is all integrated in a case, making an investigation far more practical yet highly well-preserved and forensically sound.

MIDAS IV-X is capable of catering all the CCTV forensic needs, from recovery to analysis purposes. Bounga Solusi Informatika, as the reseller of MIDAS DB-X in Indonesia, South East and East Asia region, would be happy to respond to your inquiry and bring the award-winning CCTV forensic device to your organization.