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Paraben Device Seizure

Paraben Device Seizure

Mobile forensics need special handling and it takes special tools to analyze the contained data, not only ones on the surface, but also those stored deep in the core. Paraben's Device Seizure is the one for this purpose. For over 10 years, it has been giving forensic examiners access to mobile device data. A reliable mobile forensic tool is what Device Seizure all about as it supports thousands of devices, includes advanced data parsers, and allows examiners to perform a complete analysis and report on all data acquired.

Device seizure is not limited to only capable of performing logical data extraction, but also physical data extraction. Even more, user password extraction can be carried out as well with this top notch mobile forensic tool. Other than mobile phones, this Windows based software tool can also be used to extract GPS data points from GPS devices and view the coordinates easily by integrating with Google Earth.

Device Seizure comes in a number of platforms – software to install on a PC (comes with cables), a tablet based system with Device Seizure and DDS fully integrated called Device Seizure Integrated, a Mobile Field Kit, and the DS Box which is a kiosk based system for logical extraction purposes only.

Device Seizure features:

  • Logical and physical data extraction
  • Extract user passwords
  • View acquired GPS data points and cell phone tower data from providers with integrated Google Earth
  • Automatically parse out acquired data into readable tables and files with data carvers
  • Built-in file viewers
  • Sort acquired files into specific categories for easy review
  • Verification of file integrity with use of MD5 and SHA1 hash values
  • Analyze device backup files stored on a PC
  • Built-in hex and text viewers
  • Advanced searching - Boolean expressions, unicode, and regular expressions
  • Bookmark important case data
  • Supports complete analysis of media cards including deleted data recovery and data carving
  • Supports SIM card acquisitions including deleted data recovery
  • Supports SIM card cloning
  • Advanced reporting options including HTML, text, Excel, & PDF
  • Encrypted case file ensures the integrity of your evidence
  • Export any acquired data to your PC for review in other tools
  • Case comparer compares two cases to see what has changed on the device
  • Export acquired data for viewing in Paraben's free Link2 link analysis program
  • Includes a one year subscription for updates

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