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Paraben E3 Mobile Platform

Paraben E3:DS

E3:DS is a comprehensive mobile forensics platform for both acquisition and analysis of a large variety of mobile devices. All smartphone operating systems are supported as well as analysis data from a variety of Apps and IoT devices. Logical, physical, Cloud, and Chip Off analysis are included.

Paraben’s Project-a-Phone tool has been the go-to choice for photo imaging of mobile devices for over five years. Don’t waste time and money trying to perform manual cell phone examinations with a point-and-shoot camera. The HD camera connects right to your PC so you can easily see exactly what each image will look like and take each picture with the click of your mouse.

The PAP-FLEX attaches to a table or desk in the lab. This unit can take pictures of any sized device and has also been used to take general pictures of devices as evidence as they come into the lab.

Mobile Field Kit-MFK3-D
The MFK3-D includes a license of E3:DS embedded on a Windows laptop, cables, power options, a PAP8000, plus 1-Medium and 1-Tablet StrongHold bag all in a sturdy portable wheeled case. A major advantage of the MFK3 is that it uses an open Windows system, which allows you to put other mobile forensic or computer forensic software on the machine for use in the field. It also allows for manual driver updates to support the newest phones on the market without waiting for a software update.

Mobile Fast Track
Paraben’s Mobile Fast Track Course has been created with specific focus on what you need to be successful when dealing with smartphones in your investigation. This course goes through acquisition and analysis techniques. Learn more than just how to use a tool learn all the analysis for all types of smartphones to include legacy devices, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices. Review of how these devices work and are structured as well as how to acquire and find the evidence is all done in these intensive 3-Days of class.

Paraben Project-A-Phone
Paraben Mobile Field Kit
Paraben Mobile Fast Track