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Professional Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensics is now a field increasingly gaining its recognition among the society. Used as a tool to dissect digital pieces of evidence, Digital Forensics is coping with the complexity of IT architecture-related problems. The demand of Digital Forensic Professional services has become more and more obvious as individuals and organizations are getting more aware of how essential it is for them to have control over the technology they utilize.

As a leading Digital Forensic solutions provider, Bounga Solusi Informatika provides a series of Digital Forensic Professional Services with effective methods and solid results. The services include:

  • Data acquisition and preservation
    Acquiring data using forensically sound method and techniques, and store it in industry-standard digital evidence file format.
  • Digital Evidence Examination/Analysis
    Examining digital evidence and analyzing the findings to discover valuable pieces of evidence that lead to the big picture of a case.
  • Data Recovery (un-delete files, partition recovery, etc)
    Retrieving deleted files, partitions, and various types of missing data.
  • Comprehensive Corporate Internal Fraud Investigation
    End-to-end solution for fraud investigation within corporate environment.

It takes Knowledge, Expertise, and Experience to untangle strings of complexities and bring your organization the targeted results. Trust our Digital Forensic Professional Services and consider your problems are solved.
Because we have it ALL.

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