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Computer Forensic

Paraben E3 Platform

Paraben E3:Universal

E3:Universal is a complete acquisition and analysis platform that supports data from computers, email, internet data, smartphones, and IoT. E3:Universal includes all of the Paraben analysis engines and includes P2X Pro, DP2C-Acquisition Tool, and the E3 Mobile Toolbox.

Belkasoft Evidence Center

All-in-one forensic solution for acquiring, extracting, and analyzing digital evidence stored inside computers and mobile devices

Trusted by the police around the Globe

Used by thousands forensic experts and police departments from more than 70 countries worldwide

Evidence Center features



MacQuisition is a powerful, 3-in-1 solution for live data acquisition, targeted data collection, and forensic imaging. Tested and used by experienced examiners for over a decade, MacQuisition runs on the Mac OS X operating system and safely boots and acquires data from over 185 different Macintosh computer models in their native environment - even Fusion Drives. There’s no need for complicated take-aparts when you’ve got MacQuisition.

Selectively Acquire

Internet Evidence Finder (IEF)

Magnet Forensics Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) is the winner of Best Computer Forensic Software and Best Mobile Forensic Software in Forensic 4cast Awards 2015 hosted by SANS Forensic Summit.
Magnet Forensics IEF automates the discovery of digital forensic evidence, so you can spend less time processing data and more time building cases.
Magnet Forensics IEF empowers investigators to find, analyze and report on more potential evidence than ever before.

Forensic Tool Kit (FTK)

Access Data

Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) provides you with an entire suite of investigative tools necessary to conduct digital investigations smarter, faster and more effectively.
It allows you to quickly establish case facts through innovative and market leading features such as distributed processing, collaborative case analysis, evidence visualization reports and more; all in one single comprehensive solution. FTK provides innovative and integrated features to support data processing integrity, speed and analysis depth.

StegAlyzer SS - Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner


Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner (StegAlyzer SS) is a digital forensic analysis tool designed to extend the scope of traditional digital forensic examinations by allowing the examiner to scan suspect media or forensic images of suspect media for uniquely identifiable hexadecimal byte patterns, or known signatures, left inside files when particular steganography applications are used to embed hidden information within them. Automated extraction algorithms unique to StegAlyzer SS can be used to recover hidden information.

Simple Carver Suite

Recover your deleted files Easily
Simple Carver was originally released as a simple, yet powerful, data recovery tool a number of years ago. Continuing user feedback resulted in the development of a number of additional tools to what became known as Simple Carver Suite.
Since the release of that first tool many new programs have been developed, it was then decided to incorporate all new tools within one package as a Suite for one price. The Simple Carver Suite now comprises of 66 forensic, data recovery and eDiscovery tools with more tools being added each month.