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computer forensic

EnCase Forensic

Encase Forensic

EnCase® Forensic is the winner of Best Computer Forensic Software in Forensic 4cast Awards hosted by SANS Forensic Summit, in Austin Texas (Tuesday 7th June 2011).

Digital investigators need a solution that easily captures relevant data to support an investigation or compliance requirement and features sophisticated technical analysis capabilities for finding buried and/or hidden data. EnCase® Forensic is a powerful investigation platform that collects digital data, performs analysis, reports on findings and preserves them in a court validated, forensically sound format.

Forensic Email Collector

Forensic Email Collector

Expertly preserve email evidence without breaking a sweat. Get plug & play output for digital forensic investigations and eDiscovery.

Powerful & Intuitive
Forensic Email Collector is a powerful tool-it can forensically acquire emails from Exchange Servers, Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, and virtually any IMAP server with many output options and detailed logs. It is also remarkably intuitive. You can get started in just a few minutes and preserve emails and documents your efforts with a few clicks.

Tiga Fitur Utama untuk Dicoba Di BlackLight 2019 R1

Logo BlackBag

1. Kategorisasi Gambar
Kategorisasi gambar mengurangi waktu review dengan mengungkap gambar dan video yang mungkin memiliki kategori yang diinginkan. Sekarang BlackLight memasukkan teknologi terbaru Image Analyzer untuk analisis gambar berdasarkan machine learning. Image Analyzer adalah solusi yang terbukti selama berahun-tahun pengalaman dalam mengategorikan gambar. Dengan teknologi Image Analyzer, pengguna dapat menjalankan kategorisasi gambar terhadap gambar dan video tanpa perlu koneksi internet.
Untuk rilis ini, BlackLight akan mencari kategori berikut:

Digital Forensik yanng Menyeluruh dengan OpenText EnCase Forensic 8.08

EnCase Forensic 8.08

Seiring dengan evolusi teknologi, tantangan dalam investigasi digital forensic juga ikut berkembang. Baik di lapangan maupun di lab, pemeriksa digital forensic perlu mengatasi halangan dalam investigasi seperti update OS, enkripsi, tipe file baru, akuisisi dari cloud, dan sebagainya. OpenText ™ EnCase™ Forensic adalah solusinya.

Membawa investigasi digital ke level lebih tinggi dengan fitur baru dari versi 8.08

Magnet Axiom

Magnet Axiom Logo

“The complete digital investigation platform.”

Nearly all crime involves digital evidence. With more information to get through, and limited resources, it’s critical to find a way to recover and analyze all types of digital evidence and share the results with non-technical stakeholders.

Magnet AXIOM is the only platform that captures and analyzes smartphone, computer, cloud, IoT, and third-party image data, in a single case file — ensuring that no evidence is missed. AXIOM simplifies investigations by surfacing the most relevant evidence into user-friendly artifacts.

Paraben E3 Platform

Paraben E3:Universal

E3:Universal is a complete acquisition and analysis platform that supports data from computers, email, internet data, smartphones, and IoT. E3:Universal includes all of the Paraben analysis engines and includes P2X Pro, DP2C-Acquisition Tool, and the E3 Mobile Toolbox.

Belkasoft Evidence Center


All-in-one forensic solution for acquiring, extracting, and analyzing digital evidence stored inside computers and mobile devices

Trusted by the police around the Globe

Used by thousands forensic experts and police departments from more than 70 countries worldwide

Evidence Center features