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FREDDIE (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device Diminutive Interrogation Equipment)

Field Ready Acquisition and Analysis
FREDDIE is the portable, field-ready version of the FRED™ workstation. This powerful, rugged, and flexible forensic system was built to perform as a field ready acquisition and analysis system. While smaller in form factor than our base FRED, this system has the power when you need it. Built with quality components common to FRED systems such as the baseline FRED motherboard, Intel® i7 core CPU, removable custom DI forensic drive trays, and the UltraBay 4™, FREDDIE is ready for any forensic challenge.

FRED DX (Dual Xeon Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device)

Power to Perform - FRED DX™ Dual Xeon Forensic Workstation
Digital Intelligence FRED DX Dual Xeon Systems are purpose built forensic systems using the latest Intel® Silver, Gold, and Platinum series CPUs. Modern forensic software applications that take advantage of multi-core / multi-threading processors will scream on the new FRED DX. Combined with exclusive, only available in FRED features and functions, FRED DX is the best forensic workstation money can buy. If your forensic software seeks multi-threads to run effectively, get a FRED DX.