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Tableau TX1 - Forensic Imager

Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager

Tableau Forensic Imager [TX1] The next generation, replacing the Tableau TD3.
The new Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager sets the standard for next-generation Forensic Imaging – And it’s easy to see why.
One look and you will notice the stylish design of the TX1 that finally brings digital forensic products into the twenty-first century.
It features a beautiful and intuitive user interface on a tablet-sized touch-screen, providing a delightful user experience.

Tableau T35U SATA/IDE Forensic Bridge (Write-blocker)

Tableau T35U is the best - award winning - SATA and IDE forensic bridge (forensic write blocker) from Tableau, the leading company in the field of digital forensics. With T35U, you will be able to conduct write blocking using fastest host computer connection in the market : USB 3.0. It has two device side connections - SATA and IDE. The superiority of Tableau T35U forensic bridge is also supported with a compact design as well as the simplicity in using it.

Tableau T35U is the winner of best forensic hardware of 2014 from Forensic 4:cast.

EnCase Forensic

Encase Forensic

EnCase® Forensic is the winner of Best Computer Forensic Software in Forensic 4cast Awards hosted by SANS Forensic Summit, in Austin Texas (Tuesday 7th June 2011).

Digital investigators need a solution that easily captures relevant data to support an investigation or compliance requirement and features sophisticated technical analysis capabilities for finding buried and/or hidden data. EnCase® Forensic is a powerful investigation platform that collects digital data, performs analysis, reports on findings and preserves them in a court validated, forensically sound format.

Digital Forensik yanng Menyeluruh dengan OpenText EnCase Forensic 8.08

EnCase Forensic 8.08

Seiring dengan evolusi teknologi, tantangan dalam investigasi digital forensic juga ikut berkembang. Baik di lapangan maupun di lab, pemeriksa digital forensic perlu mengatasi halangan dalam investigasi seperti update OS, enkripsi, tipe file baru, akuisisi dari cloud, dan sebagainya. OpenText ™ EnCase™ Forensic adalah solusinya.

Membawa investigasi digital ke level lebih tinggi dengan fitur baru dari versi 8.08

Fitur Baru Logical Imaging Tersedia Di Tableau TX1 2.0

Opentex Guidance Software

Open Text baru saja meluncurkan fitur baru untuk Tableau Forensic Imager TX1 2.0. Rilisan utama ini tersedia di Tableau Firmware Update version 7.25. Tableau TX1 adalah alat imaging forensic yang kuat dan intuitif dan memiliki kemampuan imaging local maupun jaringan dengan performa kuat tanpa kompromi. Versi terbaru dipenuhi fitur-fitur terbaru, penguatan dan perbaikan masalah untuk menjawab tantangan-tantangan yang terus berevolusi pada akuisisi data forensik, dan meningkatkan performa dan kegunaan

Pencarian dan Imaging Local